Uniform Weight to Length ratio

Strong foundation begins with strong TMT bars. And the key to the strength of a TMT Bar is uniformity - not just the weight-length ratio but alo the thickness of the entire bar! Shree Steel TMT bar promises uniform thickness along its entire length. Other TMT bars, because of uneven thickness, may break from their weaker sections. But Shree Steel TMT bars stand firm, straight and resilient.


Excellent Saving

Due to excellent strength and elongation of Shree TMT rebars, it requires much lesser quantity than ordinary TMT rebars, for any kind of construction. This indirectly helps to reduce the consumption of steel without affecting safety and quality.

Japanesese Technology

Created using the Six Stand Block Mill design from KOBELCO Japan, which increases production capacity at the rate of 40 tonnes per hour while keeping intact the high quality.


Earthquake Resistance

Shree TMT rebars have high elongation and ductility which makes them withstand high seismic activities. So they sustain themselves longer even in earthquake zones 4 and 5. Shree TMT rebars have a very specific balance of Carbon, Sulphur and Phosphorus and quenching parameters to develop the desired properties. They also have very prominent rib pattern.

Shree TMT rebars have a higher UTS/YS ratio compared to ordinary rebars. They observe large amount of energy released during the earthquakes without any catastrophic failure. It is necessary that even when the stress exceeds the yield strength of bar, it should not exceed the tensile strength of the bar, otherwise, the structure will collapse. Such rebars have a high ductility and can be plastically deformed to much larger extent without breaking.

Super Strength

Shree TMT rebars in all grades have higher stress-strain ratio with same yield strength and bent portion retains higher residual ductility.


Fire Resistance

Shree TMT rebars can withstand temperatures from 500 degrees to 600 degrees Celsius. This high thermal stability ensures safety, an advantage over normal TMT bars.

Higher Bendability

Special processing from KOBELCO technology JAPAN gives tough outer surface and soft core to the rebars. The rebars with this control system can bend along mandrels with much smaller NS specified limits.


Better Bonding

Shree TMT rebars have been designed with uniform and precise rib patterns all over which ensures excellent bond strength with surrounding concrete. This gives uniform strength throughout its length.